Savage Balance Podcast

Ep. 37 - How To Navigate Difficult Relationships

January 11, 2022

I offer advice & support on how to navigate poisonous relationships.

Have you ever been made to feel small by a family member? Insulted by a work colleague? Made to feel worthless by a passive-aggressive postman? It’s not uncommon.

Many of us have experienced difficult relationships in our lives. They have the power to serious damage our mental health - effecting our decisions, corroding our outlook, causing unwarranted stress and spiking our emotions.

It can be psychically draining and emotionally exhausting; anxiety, anger, depression, low self esteem, embarrassment, the list goes on.

On this weeks podcast, I offer advice & support on how to protect yourself, cope and navigate these poisonous relationships, talking about topics including:

  • Changing the environment
  • Having respectful & adult conversations
  • The difference between accepting reality as it is & not accepting being disrespected
  • Acknowledge your differences 
  • Practising non judgement (of yourself & others)
  • What you can and cannot control

This podcast may difficult to listen to if you’re experiencing this, so I recommend trusting yourself to listen when you feel ready and prepared. It can be triggering to confront these issues, especially when they can make us feel so powerless.

I hope that this presents you with some coping strategies and new perspectives to relieve some tension, find peace and freedom. 


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