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Ep. 36 - The Question No One Asks About Your New Years Resolution!

January 4, 2022

I share my thoughts and offer advice around the concept of New Years resolutions.


Many of us are familiar with the pattern - over indulge at Christmas, set grand goals for the new year, fall short of those goals and feel upset. Don’t worry we’ve all been there.


In this loose and meandering episode, recorded on a walk in the woods, I offer my thoughts on the problematic nature of New Years resolutions and offer advice on how to best navigate this time of year.


I talk about subjects including:


  • How to make habits stick
  • Repetition vs Emotional reward
  • Making new habits easy
  • Redefining your goals
  • How the New Year is an industry
  • What messages we are told about ourselves
  • Do you actually want to change something about yourself?
  • And much, much more…


This is an illuminating, differing perspective on the concept of New Year’s resolutions, one that needs to amplified more in the current climate of continually seeking unattainable perfection.


Happy New Year!


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